Saturday, April 24, 2010

Week of April 26-30, 2010

Homework Helpline #7285
Monday, April 26th- Practice writing capital and lowercase Gg and beginning short /e/ sound and writing words' practice WS
Tuesday, April 27th-Practice writing capital and lowercase Hh and complete sentences practice WS
Wednesday, April 28th- Complete addition practice WS and story "setting" practice WS
Thursday,April 29th-Practice with letter tiles and addition practice WS with pennies

Kindergarten News

This week we will be learning the digraph sh as in shark and ship. We will try to have Show & Tell with items containing the digraph sh anywhere in the word. Please continue to practice all letter sounds at home!

For Reading we will finish the story Abuela and take our Unit 4 test. The next unit will be “Going Places”. Ask your child what was his/her favorite adventure story from Unit 4, and have him/her retell it to you!

In Math, we will be finishing Chapter 11 Addition. Our test will most likely be on Wednesday, April 28th. Review adding two sets or groups together to find “How many in all?” Our next chapter will be our last, Chapter 12 Subtraction.

We are approaching the end of the year testing for kindergarten and the Reading teachers will test each child. Children will need to write a dictated sentence, recognize, write, and give the sound of every letter of the alphabet, be fluent in phonemic segmentation, be able to provide a word that begins with every letter of the alphabet, and be able to use a word in a sentence. Please try at home to work on some of the areas to be tested to ensure that your child is fully prepared. DIBELS testing will be held for Kindergarten on May 4th and 5th. This will be the last time for this school year.

Monday through Wednesday mornings next week the Kindergarten teachers will be taking turns visiting the Child Development Center in Ft. Springs to meet the boys and girls who will be attending Kindergarten next year at NSE and to help transition students to Kindergarten. Substitute teachers will be covering the classes for the mornings. Please remind your child to be on his/her best behavior. Thank you!

Field trip permission slips are being sent home in your child’s folder. Please complete, sign, and return the permission slip form as soon as possible. Our class and Mrs. Bernosky’s class will be traveling to Lake Tobias Wildlife Park in Halifax on Tuesday, May 11th with a rain date of Tuesday, May 18th. **Just a reminder: Students will need to wear their blue North Schuylkill T-shirts on the field trip—so be sure you have it ready.

Our class has participated in the “A Child’s View” writing for the Republican-Herald newspaper. The entries and class photo are to be published in a supplement on Thursday, April 29th. Students answered the question “What do you want to be when you grow up and why?” Be sure to check this out!!!!

Monday, April 26th will be Day 1 on the special classes’ schedule. (Students will need sneakers and gym attire for Tuesday-Day 2. Gym class.