Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Week of December 17-21, 2018

Kindergarten News 
*NSE students will travel to the High School on Wednesday, December 19th to enjoy some holiday songs performed by the high school band and chorus.  Fa la la la la la la la la!
*There will be an early dismissal on Friday, December 21st.  Students will be dismissed at 12:00 pm.  **Please note there will be NO BREAKFAST served and NO special classes on 12/21 due to the early dismissal and the monthly PBIS reward.
            School will be closed from December 22nd through January 1st.  We will return to school on Wednesday, January 2, 2019.  **Take some time over the long holiday to review and practice sight words.  It is also a great time to read together with your child and maybe even take the opportunity to let him/her “show off” his/her reading skills to visiting relatives!! (Also don’t forget to return AR “Book Buddy” recording sheets by Jan. 2nd!  The goal for December is 15 books!) 
            For Reading after the holidays, we will move on to the story, George Washington Visits.  It is a historical fiction story, and we will be discussing how life today is different from life 100s of years ago.  For phonics, we will be working with the letters Dd and Kk and their sounds /d/ and /k/.  Watch for your family times newsletter for more details. To reinforce the letter sounds the boys and girls will be presenting dinosaur reports and the boys will get to be “Kings for a Day” one day. (Details will be enclosed in folders before the holiday break).  We will work with the K and C Spelling Rule.  The rule is that we spell the /k/ sound with the letter K when the sound is followed by the letters e, i, and y.  We spell the /k/ sound with the letter C when the sound is followed by the letters a, o, u, and any consonant.  For example:  K before e, i, or y (keg, kid, milky)  C before a, o, u, or any consonant (cat, cot, cup, clip) 
                  In Math, we will finish working with Unit 2- Numbers 11-20.  Take some time to review counting by 1’s and 10’s to 100, identifying numbers to 0-100 and naming next numbers when given a number from 0-100.  Also, practice having your child write the numbers 0-20 and build and count sets to 20.
 **Monday, December 17th will be Day 2-MUSIC on the special classes schedule.  Students will need sneakers and gym attire on Wednesday, 12/19.  
Wednesday, January 2nd will be Day 6-Computers on the special classes schedule and students will need Library books 1/4/19.   **(Please note that whenever school is CLOSED due to inclement weather, the rotation schedule is just bumped to the next school day, so students do not miss the scheduled special class for the cancelled day.)
We hope you like all the things we’re making for the upcoming holidays:  Reindeer hats, train photo frames, plates for Santa and a personalized stocking.  Don’t forget to put out the reindeer food and Cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve.
        Have a safe and happy holiday break—See you next year!

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Week of December 10-14, 2018

Kindergarten News
The next story for Reading is Little Quack by Lauren Thompson.  It will be an animal fantasy story.  The comprehension skill we will target is plot, or the “what happens part of the story”.  We will be learning the consonant letter Rr and its sound /r/ as in rabbit and reindeer.  Watch for the new Family Times newsletter in your child’s folder and be sure to read the “WORDS TO READ” section!  Practice high frequency sight words daily!
In Math, we will continue with Unit 2; Numbers 11-20.  Practice reading, writing, and counting numbers 0-20, and review 2D and 3D solid shapes.
Tuesday, December 11th “CAN” be a Spartan Dress Down Day with a monetary donation or by donating a non-perishable food item.
The Krispy Kreme Doughnut delivery and pickup will be Tuesday, 12/11 from 4-6 PM in the elementary cafeteria.
            Friday, December 14th will be our Kindergarten Field Trip to ride the Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway Santa Train in Jim Thorpe.  Boys and girls (and chaperones) are encouraged to dress like the characters in the story, The Polar Express.  Milk and cookies will be served!! 
            Just a reminder:  The “Bowl for Bigs” pledge envelopes are due back by Friday, December 14th.  Students will bowl during gym classes.  THANK YOU for your participation and support!
            Also, please remind your child to keep up with his/her schoolwork and behavior and keep in mind that Max, our elf, and Santa are watching!  The December PBIS Reward Day will be Friday, December 21st. 

            Students will need to be prepared for colder weather @ recess.  Warm coats, gloves or mittens, hats and/or scarves are needed.  Recess is a half an hour and unless the ground is snow-covered or it is too cold we will try to get outside for “fresh-air”.
December AR “Book Buddy” recording sheets will be due January 2nd.  The goal for the month is 15 books.  Keep up the great work and Keep Reading!!
Monday, December 10th is Day 7 – Music.  Boys and girls will need library books for exchange on Tuesday, 12/11 and sneakers and gym attire on Wednesday, 12/12.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Krispy Kreme Fundraiser


4:00-6:00 PM


Week of December 3-7, 2018

Kindergarten News
*We will be reading the story Little Panda by Joanne Ryder.  This is an informational text, and we will be talking about “Animals Grow and Change”.  The comprehension skill we will target is compare and contrast and we will work with the letter sounds of /n/ and /b/.  Watch for the new Family Times newsletter in your child’s folder!  Many boys and girls may be interested in checking the live Panda Cam at the San Diego Zoo from home at the following website: Practice high frequency sight words daily!
*In Math we will continue with Unit 2- Numbers 11-20  Boys and girls will learn to read, write, and count numbers up to 20 and show numbers different ways.  Review the daily practice pages with your child, practice counting to 100 by 1s and 10s, review 2 and 3 dimensional shapes and identifying and writing numbers 0-20!
Just a few reminders and dates to mark on your calendars:
*NOVEMBER AR/BOOK BUDDY recording sheets were due Friday, 11/30.  NEW December AR “Book Buddy” recording sheets were sent home on Friday 11/30 and will be due January 2nd.  The goal for the month is 15+ books. 
**NSE PTO is hosting a Holiday Gifts Workshop from 12/3-12/7.  Students in Mrs. Potts class may shop during Music class on Monday, December 3rdh.    (Items range from 25 cents to $5)
*December Scholastic book orders and money are due on Thursday, December 6th.  Make note to Mrs. Potts if any orders are gifts for Christmas! (sorry the order forms were late coming home!!)
**The NSE music department holiday concert will be held on Saturday, December 8h (Snow date 12/15) at the NSHS auditorium.  Kindergarten will perform @ 10 am.  Students are encouraged to dress in holiday attire!
* “Bowl for Kids’ Sake” donation pledge envelopes were sent home last week.   Students are encouraged, but not obligated to participate in this fundraising activity.  Students will bowl during their gym classes.  Thanks for your help!
**Friday, December 14th will be Kindergarten’s Field Trip to the Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway.  (reminders and more details will be sent home closer to the date)
Monday, December 3rd is Day 2 – MUSIC (& HOLIDAY SHOP) **Remember to wear sneakers and gym attire on Wednesday, December 5th.