Sunday, November 20, 2016

Weeks of November 21-December 2, 2016

Kindergarten News
Monday, Nov. 21st will be Day 6—Computers.  Tuesday, Nov. 22nd will be Day 7-Library book exchange (PACK BOOKS)!  Wednesday, Nov. 23rd will be a rotation day –Day 8 and students will have Art **Please note the change from the monthly calendar. 
THERE WILL BE NO WRITTEN HOMEWORK 11/18-11/28!  Enjoy your holiday with Family & Friends!
In Reading the next story will be Jack and the Beanstalk.  It is a modern fairy tale.  For Phonics we will be reviewing letter Ii and its short and long sounds and learning the letter Bb and its sound as in boy and balloon.  We will be discussing more with realism and fantasy.  Keep practicing ALL high frequency words. 

AR/Book Buddy recording sheets for November will be due back to school on Wednesday, November 30th.  Any student who reaches the goal of 15 books will receive a Pizza Hut Book It slip and a treat from Mrs. Potts.

In Math we will be working with Topic 4; Compare and Order Numbers 0-10.  Review the daily practice pages with your child, practice counting to 100 by 1’s and 10’s, review 2 and 3 dimensional shapes and identifying and writing numbers 0-20.

1st Trimester report cards for grades K-4 will be sent home on Monday, November 21st.  Keep in mind the report cards are standards-based.  Students were graded on the standards to met by the end of Kindergarten, so if your child scored Below Basic or Basic he/she will have until the end of Kindergarten to become Proficient, which is the desired “grade”.    (**At this point in time for Kindergarten students are often being prompted and working on basic skills, and not yet ready for higher level thinking skills needed to be considered Advanced).   Proficient is our goal for mastery of concepts and skills.   If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Mrs. Potts @ or 570-874-3661, Ext. 3245.

On Tuesday, November 22nd, a letter to Santa will be coming home for you to complete with your child.  Please return this letter by Tuesday, November 29th.  The letters will be picked up at school on Friday, December 2nd by Chase’s mom, Ms. Edmondson-who is a local mail carrier, and taken directly to Santa at the North Pole!  **Please be sure to address the envelope to SANTA and include a RETURN ADDRESS.

**We will continue preparing for “Thanksgiving”.  We will make a Thanksgiving bracelet and will also discuss being “thankful”.   Your little “Pilgrim” will be ready with a poem to feast on Turkey Day!! 

The Kindergarten Field trip to see the Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble will be on Thursday, December 1st.  Students are asked to wear a polo shirt and dress code approved bottoms or better!  This means that students may wear Christmas dresses, suits, etc… (Even if they aren’t dress code appropriate).  Please remember that we are going to the theatre and we will be representing NS.  Students should NOT wear gym clothes on the field trip!!  We will be leaving the school PROMPTLY at 9 AM and returning at approximately 12:30 PM.  Please make sure your child is on time for school!  We will be eating a regular school lunch after our field trip.  Please plan your child’s lunch as you normally do.

**Boys and girls are bringing home their “change of clothing” bags so they can be UPDATED for the change of seasons – NO SHORTS.  Please be sure to RETURN your child’s bag ASAP. 

 There will be an early dismissal on Wednesday, Nov. 23rd @ 12:00.  (There will be NO Breakfast or Snack) 

School will be CLOSED Thurs., Nov. 24th through Mon., Nov. 28th.  School will reopen on Tues., Nov. 29th and it will be Day 9Gym class so students will need sneakers and gym attire, 11/29.  **Please note the change from the monthly calendar.
                          Best Wishes to everyone for a safe and Happy Thanksgiving holiday!  

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