Saturday, September 26, 2015

Week of September 28-October 2, 2015

Kindergarten News
            This week we will be starting our 4th story for Reading, Miss Bindergarten Takes a Field Trip with Kindergarten.  Watch for your Family Times newsletter to come home on Monday.  We will be talking about People in Communities and will be learning how to classify and categorize.   Continue to read at home and practice the high frequency words; I, am, at, the, yes, no, in, on, not, a, and, and little; practice rhyming and counting syllables in words and identifying the letters from Aa-Zz.   This week we will begin working with the letters Ll, Oo, and Gg and will practice letter sounds and blending sounds to read the words log and go. When practicing letter sounds we will learn both short o as in octopus and long o as in overalls.

            September “AR” Book Buddy recording sheets will be due on Wednesday, Sept. 30th.  Any student who has read 15 or more books will receive a monthly treat and a “punch” on his/her AR ticket, and will be eligible for prizes at the end of the school year!!! 

            For Math we will be finishing up with Topic 15: Position and Location of Shapes.  Be sure to review daily practice pages and review the positional words/concepts inside, outside, in front of, behind, next to, above, below, on, left, and right.

            Our theme for the week will be APPLES.  Students are asked to bring in an apple on Monday, September 28th.  The apple can be any size, color, or kind.  Each day of the week we will use the apples for sorting, graphing, and/or tasting! It should be a sweet week!!!

            The PTO school store will open on Monday, Sept. 28th.  Kindergarten students will be able to shop on a MONDAYS from 8:20-8:45.  Students are asked to shop ONLY on this day and at this time.  Please do not put school store money in your child’s folder.  (Teachers will NOT see it until after the store closes.)  **Students should keep it separate in backpacks where THEY can reach it easily for shopping BEFORE homeroom.
            With fall and the cooler weather upon us, please be sure your child has the proper clothing for a ½ hour outside recess.  Kindergarten tries to get out for “fresh air” and time to run around whenever the weather allows.  Temperatures can vary from morning to afternoon and sometimes the shady areas of the playground are chilly.  Better to be prepared with a jacket/sweater/sweatshirt than be underdressed.  Also, please have your child practice zippering and/or buttoning his/her coat and “pulling” the sleeves right-side out before attempting to put it on.  Thank you!!!

9/28-10/2 is Spartan Homecoming Spirit Week! **Spirit week is a fun filled week to show your school spirit, however school rules and dress code still apply.  Keep your outfits fun, but school appropriate!  There is NO hat day so hats are NOT allowed all week.
            Monday, 9/28 – Idol Day (dress like your idol)
            Tuesday, 9/29 – Decades Day (dress like they did in your favorite decade)
            Wednesday, 9/30 – Team Day (show your team pride by wearing their colors)
            Thursday, 10/1 – Opposite Day (wear something opposite of how you typically
            Friday, 10/2 – Spartan Pride Day & Homecoming Pep Rally @ 9:30 in the NSE gym (fill our school
                                                                                                                                                       with RED and BLUE)

**Continue to help your child practice/learn his/her 4-digit computer number. This will help him/her log into the computer quickly and give him/her more time to work when using computers at school.  (We can also stop wearing our name badges to lunch and library once all students know their ID number for the cooks and librarians!)

  Monday, September 28th will be Day 10—Music, on our special classes’ schedule.  **Students will need sneakers on Friday, Oct. 2nd for gym class!

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