Friday, May 1, 2015

Week of May 4-8, 2015

Kindergarten News

In Reading we will start a new story titled, On The Move.   It is an informational text by author Donna Latham.  We will work with the letter sounds /v/ and /z/ and the comprehension skill, main idea.  Watch for your new Family Times newsletter and have your child practice the Words to Read!

In Math we will continue Topic 12 Measurement. We will be comparing objects by length, height, capacity, and weight.  Please review daily practice pages!

The NS Diversity Club will be visiting our class on Monday, May 4th to conduct a short activity and talk with the boys and girls about diversity and accepting differences.  Take some time to discuss with your child what he/she learned!

Our Accelerated Reader “Book Buddy” program will END on Friday, May 8th with the GIVEAWAY-Assembly in the gym.  Good luck to all who completed their monthly goals!  All “April” book lists are due by Friday, May 1st.  **All borrowed “book buddy” books will need to be returned by Wednesday, May 6th.  Thank you to all families who faithfully participated. 

The school Book Fair will be held in the Library, Monday, 5/4 through Friday, 5/8.  A Parent Shopping Night will be held on Monday, May 4th from 4-7 pm.  Students may shop during their scheduled Library Class/Book Exchange, Friday, May 8th and/or any day they have money to shop.  (Due to the School Book Fair and limited time before school closes for the summer, Mrs. Potts will NOT be sending home any more classroom book orders.  Thank you to ALL who have participated this year.  Happy Reading!)

**Please note that Friday, May 1st will be the last time students will borrow new books from the library for this school year.  All books will need to be returned by the following exchange day—Friday, May 8th. 

     The monthly newsletter will now be posted on the district website starting 4/30, under the Elementary tab-- Select “Principal’s Office”.  The newsletter will contain notable events for the month of May, as well as, a list of names for the April Citizens’ of the Month.  Congrats to Gianna Capone, our April Citizen of the month!  She is being recognized for always offering to help in the classroom and for being a “leader”.  Gianna is very aware of jobs/tasks that need to be done, and she volunteers often to complete them!  Mrs. Potts is proud of Gianna and her achievements.

     Starting Monday, May 11th the Reading teachers will begin the end-of-the-year testing with each Kindergarten child.  Children will need to write a dictated sentence or two, recognize, write, and give the sound of every letter of the alphabet, be able to provide a word that begins with every letter sound, and be able to write as many words correctly in 10 minutes.  Please review at home!

**Monday, May 4th is Day 4 –Art class.  Students will need sneakers and gym attire on Tuesday, May 5th.  **Friday, 5/8 is Library class so DO NOT forget library books for RETURN!

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