Saturday, May 16, 2015

Week of May 18-22, 2015

Kindergarten News
                  For Reading we will begin Unit 6:  Building Our Homes.  The first story will be titled, “Building with Dad”.  We will be talking about how a school is built.  We will review the short vowel sounds.
            For Math we will begin Topic 13, Sorting, Classifying, Counting, and Categorizing Data.  Students will learn to tell how things are different, how they are alike, and to sort things into different groups.  Take some time and review the daily work mats.
THERE WILL BE NO HOMEWORK for the rest of the school year, but please keep checking your child’s folder.
Kindergarten will practice for graduation on Tuesday, May 19th in the morning at the High School.  **Please try to have your child at school for this practice so he/she will know what to do for the evening ceremony on Tuesday.  Students may be walking to the high school, so please dress your child in shoes for walking.
 Tuesday, May 19th is the big day!  Kindergarten Graduation will be held in the High School Auditorium beginning at 6:00pm.   Students should arrive at the upper level and report to the cafeteria around 5:15.   The ceremony will begin promptly at 6:00 PM, so be sure not to be late and allow time for parking!  **Tickets and more detailed information are also being sent home this week in your child’s folder.
**Remember students will be wearing caps and gowns and will NEED to wear a WHITE-COLLARED shirt for the evening performance (NOT to school during the day).  Shoes will be visible so plan accordingly.  Girls should not wear hair accessories that will get in the way of the cap. 
** Due to construction at the high school, there is no air conditioning.  Please try to remember this when dressing your child since they will be wearing a cap and gown over their clothes.
 PLEASE NOTE:  Graduation caps and gowns must be returned to the teacher after the graduation ceremony.  Tassels are to be taken home as a keepsake.
            Thursday, May 21st will be our Wedding of Q and U. The ceremony will join two letters that will be making a new sound together!  They will be joined in a union that cannot be broken.  The wedding will take place in the classroom, reception following at snack time.  The girls and boys can dress up, but clothing MUST FOLLOW THE DRESS CODE.  The students will take part in many of the traditional roles of people at a wedding.
  **ALL library books NEED to be returned ASAP!  The library is now closed.

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