Sunday, December 18, 2011

Week of December 19-23, 2011

Kindergarten News

· This week in Phonics we will be reviewing all letters and letter sounds learned so far. We will try our first Spelling Test! Please practice making 2,3, and 4 letter words using just these letters: l, o, g, h, t, p, a, n, m, i, s, f, and r. There will be NO show and tell.

· For Reading we will finish up the story Little Quack. We will not start our next story until after the holiday break.

· For Math we will practice counting to 100 by 10’s and introduce the coin, dime. We will work more with patterns, AB & ABB, and practice counting with pennies.

· Students will attend a PTO Program by Rand Whipple on Monday, December 19th in the gym. It is titled, “Burble, Fizz, Kaboom”. Be sure to ask your child all about it!!!

· Students will meet with their 4th grade Reading buddies on Tuesday, December 20th instead of Thursday. Students will give their buddies a special photo card and goodie box of Hershey Hugs & Kisses for Christmas.

· On Wednesday, December 21st students and teachers will travel to the high school to hear the High School students perform a holiday concert for the elementary. K-2 will go in the morning. Fa, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la!

· Thursday, December 22nd will be our Polar Express day and our classroom Christmas party. Students may dress like the characters in the book and wear their pajamas to school. Robes and/or slippers may be brought along too! (Just be sure to wear coats and shoes/sneaker to school!!) All Aboard!! We will watch the movie from 9:15-11:00, have recess from 11:00-11:30, then party from 11:30-1:00. **Parent helpers may after 11:00 to help set up for the party and help with the HOT CHOCOLATE! Students will have lunch at 1:05 and will attend their special class (Computers) from 1:55-2:35.

· On Friday, December 23rd students will have an early dismissal @ 11:45 am. There will be NO breakfast served.

Monday, December 19th will be Day 5 on the special classes schedule. Students will need gym attire and sneakers on Wednesday, December 21st and Library books for exchange on Friday, December 23rd.