Saturday, September 24, 2011

Week of September 26-30, 2011

Kindergarten News

~ This week we will be learning the letter Hh as in hat, hippo, and horse. As part of our study with the letter Hh we will have a “Hat Day” on Friday, September 30th. **Students are asked to wear a favorite hat, a funny hat, or even a homemade hat. (You can be creative with this if you want! Students will be able to wear the hat all day—we do just ask that students do not share hats.) Show and Tell will be with items that begin with the /h/ sound. Check your schedule and start hunting!

~ Our Reading story this week will be Miss Bindergarten Takes a Field Trip with Kindergarten. Watch for your Family Times newsletter to come home on Monday. Review the high frequency words: I, am, the, to, of and little and practice letter recognition for the letters Aa-Zz. We will be talking about People in Communities and will be learning how to classify and categorize.

~In Math we will be counting to 10 with one-to-one correspondence, work with pattern blocks to create and cover designs, and sort objects by color. Students should continue to practice writing numbers 0-9 and sing the number writing verse for each number. We will explore the shapes; circle and rectangle, will identify and order numbers 1-5, identify a missing number and identify most and fewest on a graph. Please review the lessons sent home daily!!!

~Our theme for this week will be APPLES. Students are asked to bring in an apple on Monday, September 26th. The apple can be any size, color, or kind. Each day of the week we will use the apples for sorting, graphing, and/or tasting! We will begin our study of apples by celebrating Johnny Appleseed’s birthday on Monday, Sept. 26th. Many apple activities have been planned. It should be a sweet week!

~ We have been practicing writing our first names. Please watch your child as he/she is writing. Be sure to check if letters are beginning at the top, not the bottom and also guide him/her to use the lines when forming letters. Capital letters should only be used at the beginning of names!

~ ATTENTION: There will be a Fall Festival Planning meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 28th @ 6:00 pm at the Mine Shaft restaurant in Ashland. All who would like to help with the preparations and planning are invited and encouraged to attend. The Fall Festival will be held at the school on Thursday, Oct. 20th. **Each student is asked to bring in $3.00 to help pay for the supplies needed for the festival. Please send money in an envelope with your child’s name, teacher, and FALL FESTIVAL labeled on it.

~The PTO store will be open for Kindergarten on a Monday from 8:30-8:45. Students are asked to shop ONLY at this time. Please do not put school store money in your child’s folder. (Teachers will not see it until after the store closes.) Students should keep it separate in book bags where they can reach it easily for shopping before homeroom.

~ September Scholastic Book Orders are due to Mrs. Potts by Tuesday, Sept. 27th. If interested, be sure to return your completed order forms and money OR place your online order by Tuesday.

~ Our school has its own TV news report on Thursdays. Take some time and check it out!! You can view each broadcast from the North Schuylkill Website. (www. Once you are at the website, scroll down to ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, click on NSE TV, and then click on the NSE TV icon on the screen. Students are the reporters and students throughout the school can be recognized during broadcasts.

~ Tuesday, Sept. 27th the students will have hearing screenings in the library. Please try to have your child present at school and remind them to be QUIET during testing!

~ Monday, Sept. 26th will be Day 4 on our special classes’ schedule. We will probably begin borrowing books the following day 4 (Monday, Oct. 3rd) **Gym attire and sneakers will be needed on Thursday, Sept. 29th for Day 2.

Have a Great Fall Weekend!