Sunday, January 9, 2011

Week of January 10-14, 2011

Kindergarten News

~This week in Phonics we will be learning the letter Bb and its sound as in boys and balloon. Start looking for your Show & Tell!

~We will begin the Reading story, Little Quack, by Lauren Thompson. It will be an animal fantasy story. The comprehension skill we will target is “plot”, or the “what happens part of the story”. Watch for the new Family Times newsletter in your child’s folder! **As part of our story Little Panda the boys and girls watched a Panda Cam from the San Diego Zoo. If you would like to check it out you could go to,

~In Math we will be working on matching numbers to a set using dot cubes (dice), counting by 10’s to 100, sharing a whole by separating it into two equal parts, and copying and extending AB and ABB patterns. Our new concepts will be; weighing objects using nonstandard units, ordering objects by weight, and combining sets by counting on (beginning addition). Boys and girls should practice writing numbers from 0-10 correctly.

~The second marking period will be ending on the 18th and we will begin testing for report cards this week. ***Students will be asked to write correctly their first and last names, numbers 0-10, and capital and lowercase letters learned (a, f, g, h, i, k, l, m, n, o, p, r, s, and t). They will need to identify letter sounds, numbers 0-31, count orally to 100, basic shapes, tell time to the hour, and rhyming words. Students will be asked to blend 2, 3, and 4 letter words and read some learned high frequency sight words ***(a, I, the, is, to, am, little, have, for, my, he, like, we, of, one, was, love, you, do, are, me, she, with, into, and from). Please review these skills with your child.

~DIBELS testing will continue this week throughout the grade levels. Kindergarten is scheduled for either Tuesday or Wednesday, January 11th or January 12th. Be sure your child gets a good night’s sleep on Monday and Tuesday!

~There will be NO SCHOOL for students on Friday, January 14th and Monday, January 17th due to a scheduled ACT 80 Day and a teacher In-Service Day. Enjoy!!!

~January Scholastic book orders and money for anyone interested in ordering this month are due on Tuesday, January 11th.

~Just a reminder the monthly PTO meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 12th, instead of Monday, January 10th. All are invited and encouraged to attend. The meeting will be held in the NSE cafeteria beginning at 6:30pm.

Monday, January 10th is to be Day 3 –gym class. Sneakers and gym attire are needed. Don’t forget library books on Thursday, January 13th!