Saturday, January 22, 2011

Week of January 24-28, 2011

Kindergarten News

· This week in Phonics we will be finishing up the vowel letter Uu and will begin learning the consonant letter Zz as in zebra and zoo. We will NOT be having Show & Tell. Students will be learning their Zip codes. Next Friday, Mrs. Potts will ask students to say their zip codes and treats will be given! **Word List 10 will be tested on Thursday, January 27th. Please practice daily!

· We will be finishing the book See How We Grow in Reading and will begin the book farfallina and marcel. Review the high frequency words, especially see and look! Watch for your new Family Times news!

· In Math, we will begin to combine sets by counting on and using numbers to describe how many objects are in a set. **This will be our introduction to addition. We will be identifying the numbers 0-20 and will put the numbers in order. Take some time to review the daily practice pages with your child!

· Wednesday, February 2nd is our tentative 100th day of school! We will be planning a celebration. Practice counting from 0-100 and watch for a 100th day newsletter with more information about our celebration.

· Congratulations to all students who successfully completed their United States’ reports! It was a fun and educational way to learn about some of the states in our country. Thank you to all the parents who helped “prepare” the children for their first oral report. They did an OUTSTANDING job!!!

· Report cards will be sent home on Monday, January 24th instead of Friday, 1/21, due to the school cancellation earlier this week. Please sign and return as soon as possible. If you have any questions or concerns or request a conference please contact the teacher @ 874-3661 Ext. 3245 or @

· PTO is selling Spartan Valentine shirts. Order forms were sent home in your child’s folder. Money and orders are due back to school on or before Friday, January 28th.

Monday, January 24th will be Day 2. (Students will need gym attire and sneakers on Day 3, Tuesday, January 25th and library books on Thursday, January 27th.)

**Please keep in mind that when school is cancelled the special schedule is not changed. The next day of school is the scheduled day that would have been for the cancelled day. For example, Day 2 on Monday and school cancelled Monday, Day 2 would be Tuesday instead. (On delay days or early dismissals there are no changes in the schedule.)